Break Through Advisers

Through our comprehensive list of services, we deliver value to a wide variety of clients.  Our clients are entrepreneurs that are driven to take their business to the next level.  It is often difficult to see the top of the Himalayas, let alone reach the top, when we continue to struggle with market volatility, European debt crisis, uncertainty in Asia and investor concerns.  We look to provide services ranging for growth initiatives to minimizing risk. 

Growth Initiatives:

BTA can support growth initiatives for both firms and individuals.  Growth is often focused on increasing revenues, operational efficiency, improving net income, providing focus to key personnel and improving retention of staff.  What is most important is that we strive to create sustainable, measurable, improvements.  As we work together to develop a plan, the roadmap to success will become apparent.


Risk Mitigation:

Today’s environment has created a period of financial hardship matched with ever increasing risk.  Navigating a safe route has become difficult with every corner posing a new threat to success.  We work with firms and individuals on various forms of risk mitigation.  Whether conducting a mock FINRA audit, alternative investment due diligence or establishing compliance procedures, BTA can help reduce your risk. 


While our model is transferrable to any business, below is a listing of the businesses we focus on:

  • Financial Representatives and Investment Advisers
  • Broker Dealers
  • Insurance Firms
  • Large Wealth Management Firms
  • Property and Casualty Firms

For a complete listing of services, please visit our Services page.