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Todd Pack is the Founder and CEO of Break Through Advisers and has traveled nationally speaking to groups of investment professionals.  Mr. Pack has presented to thousands of  investment professionals with various firms including Catlin Inc., REISA - Real Estate Investment Securities Association, IMN - Information Management Network, American Express Financial Advisers (now Ameriprise), JW Cole Financial, Lincoln Financial, SagePoint Financial, Questar Capital, Financial Advisers of America, United Capital Financial Advisers and Girard Securities, Inc. 



The depth of topics in which Mr. Pack is qualified to speak on are substantial.  Because of the broad range of topics, we’ve consolidated them into five primary area’s; Wholesaler Training, Operations and Staffing, Business Management, Firm Growth and Client Satisfaction, and Investment and Insurance Solutions.


                                    Keynote                $7,500

                                    Half Day                $12,500

                                    International        $15,000


          • Minimizing Risk - What Advisers Must Know
          • Success Through Balance
          • Benchmarking and Business Valuation
          • Growth Through Referrals - Steps for Success

For a comprehensive listing of topics, please view the "Public Speaking Topics" file.                                         


"Todd is very engaging and extremely energetic. It's  great to have someone who has done what we do provide tools for success. His presentations are practical and relevant to the challenges we face.  Todd has helped change my life. I was struggling with the cost of my services and he showed me the tools and confidence to maximize revenues and succeed. The presentation was wonderful. Todd, your passion for truly wanting to help cannot be measured." Carlos Viera

"I've known Todd for several years and his Practice Management techniques are evolutionary.  He excels at analyzing your practice, identifying opportunities, and helping you structure a set of systems to capture that opportunity.  Most important, Todd helps you achieve a paradigm shift on how you view your business and the value you provide your clients.  In just a few short meetings he can not only show you the best opportunities, he can calculate the increased value to your practice and provide you with a blueprint on how to make it happen!" Dwayne Grady

"I have had the professional opportunity and pleasure to share presenation platforms with Todd for the past 13 years.  He is simply the "Best" at what he does.  He is truly a professional with his concise and well planned concepts and presentations.  He leaves a strong impact on the audience with "what work needs to be done."  He is definitely a "hands on guy."  He makes sure the audience realizes their self worth in the business world.  He is always available for follow-up and makes it a point for his audience to be successful.  Whatever investment is made in Todd is time and money well spent."  Pat Bommarito

"This was a very important webinar!  It gave me an idea of what must be presented to a client and what must go on the switch form and variable annuity replacement form.  The "four things to consider - annuity" are very important.  I thought the variable annuity portion of the webinar was very useful for me in my practice.  Thank you. Aloha"  John Imoto

Mr. Pack travels from Detroit Michigan and requires Coach class for 1 in the US.  (Plus hotel, ground transportation and meals).

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