Break Through Advisers

Our menu of services is diverse but focused on creating a value proposition that cannot be found anywhere else.  The change that takes place in the firms in which we work is implemented for the long-term success of the business, not a short-term fix.  We often find that our clients have the appropriate amount of employees but they are not engaged in the process which leads to high levels of dissatisfaction.  Many of our services are dedicated to engaging the owner in the sales process, reducing the amount of day to day operations they are involved in and empowering staff to accept larger roles.  The Break Through team will work directly with you and your staff and together will implement the systems required to accomplish your vision.  

  • Alternative Investment Due Diligence:  Conduct due diligence reviews of alternatives investments such as REITs, Oil and Gas, Royalties, Equipment Leasing, Business Development Companies, Debt Instruments, etc and 3rd party asset managers.  BTA provides a comprehensive review focused on mitigating risk to the investor, representative/investment adviser and firm.  Process includes an onsite visit, comprehensive due diligence inquires, gathering and structuring due diligence materials and issuance of a final report.  All materials gathered during the process are provided to the BD/IA for their records. 

  • Expert Witness Work:  Based on expert knowledge of the financial industry, we can provide expert witness testimony involving most investment and procedural aspects in the industry.  Our Founder and CEO has experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation and has worked to defend both Firms and producers.  As a former CCO and professor of Finance and Economics, Mr. Pack is able to provide knowledge and understanding not often found with other experts.

  • Monthly Economic & Product Review Newsletter:  Each month we provide a general economic update along with information on Sponsors and Products.  The newsletter is designed to provide insight into various REIT programs, Oil and Gas programs and Insurnace Carriers and their products.   This service is only available to those firms who work directly with BTA or are clients of our strategic relationships. 


  • Revenue Expansion:  A comprehensive study (Opportunity Assessment) of client portfolio, business valuation, client service model implementation, case analysis and marketing are all part of this service.  The service may include hands on administrative support, coaching , and client meeting support .  In addition, we provide access to our strategic partners.


  • Opportunity Assessment:  This analysis includes a list of all clients, their current assets, and a recommendation on specific opportunities. These opportunities could include insurance, LTC, estate planning strategies, Real Estate and other specialized solutions. 


  • Adviser Recruiting:  We will work on your behalf to locate an adviser based on your needs.  This could include a junior adviser to work in your office or a highly successful adviser to partner with.

  • Client Survey and Service Model:  Development of a client survey helps to engage the clients in proactive feedback regarding needed operational improvements but also creates a form of permission marketing which enables the adviser to focus on teh priorities of the client.  In an effort to improve the effectiveness of client service, we would create a 5 point proactive system. 

  • Business Valuation:  The valuation would be based on the EBITDA of the firm and top line revenue.  The valuation is helpful in that it provides an understanding of the value of your firm today and provides a benchmark to work from.  In addition, recommendations on ways to improve the value of the firm would be made.

  • Case Analysis:   Our team would work with you on client case reviews to provide insight and recommendations.   These reviews are typically conducted weekly and it is your decision as to which recommendations you implement.  We are confident that our expertise would help discover substantial opportunities.

  • Marketing:  Support your efforts in growing both your client base and improving your client wallet share.  Our team can establish prospect seminars, client appreciation events, marketing support (website design, brochures, etc), and would implement a proven referral program.  Some aspects of this service are outsourced to other vendors.

  • Executive Coaching:  Objective is to engage your strengths in order to breakthrough your current level.  Our coaching program focuses on four (4) key areas.  Those areas are Creating Effective Work Teams, Themed Client Experience, Achieving Rejuvenation and Benchmarking.  As a entrepreneur, you shouldn't be a slave to your business but rather the visionary and leader that allows the business to grow beyond you.  


Past results speak for themselves.  Over years of consulting, those firms who hired us for Revenue Expansion have seen average increases of 50% in revenue.  The success that we've achieved is due to the hard work of those owners, their staff and the focus and guidance that we've provided.


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